Why Design Matters for Your Nonprofit

Why Design Matters for Your Nonprofit

You might have wondered if it’s worth it working with a creative design agency or doing your design in-house. I can tell you it is well worth your investment. All too often, organizations think of good design as a bonus rather than a necessity. Between limited time, money, and expertise, many nonprofits find a reason to deprioritize design.

Part of the problem is the misconception that design is just about making things look good. It’s so much more. Organizations need to realize that they are perceived by their design choices, how they are aesthetically viewed and how for instance their website and online presence is used. This in turn can affect their ability to connect with their target audience as well as their funders.

Design affects nearly every level of your organization, from fundraising to supporter engagement to PR. The design of your nonprofit’s website and campaign pages has a big influence on your success.

Here are four ways great design enables you to accelerate your impact and pursue your mission.

1). Good design means trust – The better experience and value added your audience has with your designed product, especially online such as your website etc, the more trust is built.

2). Good design encourages website users and those users to stay longer – If your audience is having a useful and positive experience on your website, they will be inclined to look around it and move to different sections and possibly interact with your organization in new ways.

3). Good design raises more money and turns interest into action – If your audience is attracted to the visuals and experience you are providing them, they will want to participate and even spend money to support your cause.

4). Good design is the ultimate weapon to tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way – If your designs is impactful and informative, then you a real chance of holding onto your current audience and branching out into new audiences.

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