Six Tips for Creating a Successful Branding Campaign

You’ve worked hard to develop your product or service, and you’re proud of the result. Now, your product needs to be attractive, relatable, and understood by the consumer. You need to reach them and reach them with a clear message. That message comes through building a successful branding campaign.

What is a branding campaign? Simply put: it tells the consumer who you are and what you do. It can be incredibly simple, but it has to have the right message and it has to say it clearly. Here are a few tips to help you brand successfully and efficiently.

1. Describe your ideal customers.
In order to describe your ideal customers you’ll have to do exactly what an advertisement copywriter does: identify exactly who is going to love your brand. Picture them: How old are they? Are they married or single? What’s their favorite clothing store? Grocery store? Where do they like to travel? Why will your company serve them better than anyone else? The better you can envision them and the sharper the profile you develop, the easier it will be to find them and target your message.

2. Know how they communicate.
In building a successful branding campaign you will use the appropriate social media channels to get your customers’ attention. For example, grandparents aren’t likely to use Snapchat; this demographic is more likely to engage with Facebook. In a January 2014 report by Pew Research Center, 71% of adults who go online use Facebook, but only 23% use Twitter, and only 9% of cell phone owners use Snapchat.

3. Be their #1 fan.
Every business wants repeat, happy customers. What’s next once you’ve spent the time to make sure your product is top-notch? Make them feel loved: welcome the first-timer with a discount. Offer rewards and secret deals for those who are loyal. Entice customers who have faded away. When you make them feel appreciated, they will choose you over a competitor. They just need a few good reasons to stay–don’t let them down. Customers really want to find the brand they trust. It’s sometimes even more important that the cost. When they feel valued and can rely on your company, they can become your best advocates.

4. Keep it fresh.
Don’t let complacency set in; your customers will become bored. If possible, introduce new products and services, and bundle them for convenience and savings. Promote seasonal specials, and update your blog frequently with interesting and timely topics. Use your website to track visitors and subscribers; find out which pages they spend time on. With the proper sales software, you can send offers that are personalized and enticing.

5. Really, really listen.
This is important. Ask for feedback from your customers, and then thank them, no matter what they tell you. Comments, both good and bad, are valuable. Be sure you spend time on the “front line” so you can observe the customer’s experience. Speak with them directly whenever possible. People appreciate when there is someone who can honestly listen and respond. In fact, they will love you for it.

6. Give unsurpassed customer service.
The Daily Muse reported some compelling statistics: 73% of customers love a brand because of customer service; 70% of how purchase experiences are evaluated relates directly to how customers feel treated; and 55% of customers would pay more for great customer service. The message is clear: hire the right employees. Then never, ever stray from providing over-the-top customer service. Every time.

With many choices in today’s market, a solid and concise branding campaign is more important than ever. Customers really do want to find brands they love and trust. When they feel valued and can rely on your company, they can become your best advocates.

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