SEO Tips For Successful Website Redesign

SEO Tips For A Successful Website Redesign

SEO Tips for Success.

Are you getting ready to redesign your website? Has your website generated the response you’re looking for in the past? Now’s the perfect time to reevaluate your search engine optimization strategy (SEO). It’s time to think about ways to improve the traffic to your website and get more targeted users. The Creative Industry has researched a few ways to up your SEO game. Follow these SEO tips. The traffic to your website will increase and your visitors will be more in-line with your target audience.

Tip number 1: Think about SEO from the beginning.

When planning your website redesign strategy, take into account accessibility and discovery from the very beginning. This means your site should be available to those with alternate browsing devices and appear near the top of the search results. However, this takes planning and strategy, so add it to your project before you begin. Often, organizations don’t consider optimizing their site until it’s completed or even launched, which can increase costs with design, coding, rewriting content, and more.

Tip number 2: Do an audit of your existing site.

In the planning phase of your website redesign, make sure you take time to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t with your current site. A few things to look at are:

  • How many pages are being indexed by search engines?
  • What individual pages are being visited?
  • What are the top performing keywords on your site?
  • Are there inbound links to your site?
  • How many unique visitors are coming to your site and actually clicking though different pages on your site?
  • Finally, is your website readable for your audience, meaning are you writing for inside your organization or for the public user?

Tip number 3: Identify (and include) commonly searched keywords.

It’s not just about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right visitors. Try searching using the major search engines for commonly used terms/phrases in your industry. While the use of keywords are still an effective and important part of your SEO plan, search engines are getting smarter and will penalize you for overusing the same keywords. For this purpose, the long tail keyword search is not to be overlooked. The long tail contains millions of unique searches that might be conducted in one day, but when taken together comprise the majority of searches. Consumers are getting more specific in their search terms and this is a way to capture these customers. In addition, it has been proven that long tail keywords convert more customers. If you are searching for “shirts,” you are probably just browsing, but if you search for “button down white cotton shirt size M,” you are more than likely ready to buy.

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