Hans Riemer Campaign

We were honored to have been approached by the Hans Riemer team as they began preparing for the 2018 election season. The request was for an identity that would represent Hans’s message and translate well across any platform.

Like many widely-encompassing projects, things began with an idea. In this case, the idea was to convey some of Hans’s most important messages in this logo mark. Hans elected to use a mark which employed shades of green- unique in an environment normally saturated in shades of blue or the color of the state flag- as well as imagery that related to his support of environmentally-focused issues. We also considered in our selection of type to communicate contemporariness.

Once we established Hans’s brand, we were then able to utilize it in many different mediums, from stationary to bumper stickers, yard signs, flyers, a fully-functioning website, and even setting the style for his direct mail campaign.

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