First Focus Website Design and Development

How do you take a heavily content based website and breath new life into it? As a DC web design firm, that was the challenge facing The Creative Industry. First Focus is a bipartisan advocacy organization dedicated to making children and families the priority in federal policy and budget decisions. Our goals were to stay inline with First Focus’s mission and to make their website:

  • Easier to use
  • Easier to maintain
  • Easier to navigate
  • Enhance overall usability and user experience

The first step in a website redesign process is to evaluate the current site and determine what works and what needs improvement. When planning, we take into account user experience, the concerns, needs of the client, and trying to determine what future requests will be.


Once a clear strategy is in place and site schematics are developed, we begin the design and development phase. We provide exciting and unique design solutions that fit the requirements and provided flexibility for further development needs.


In this particular instance, developing a custom WordPress theme from the ground up was the best way to achieve all of the requirements. This included:

  • Migrating and cleaning the old drupal database
  • Setting up a new mapping system to match the WordPress framework
  • Identifying and developing plugins
  • Creating responsive framework
  • Developing and testing theme
  • Building out the site

After the site launched, we began the evaluation process and determined if any improvements needed to be made.

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