SEO Tips For A Successful Website Redesign

How SEO and Keyword Search Can Help Your Cause

Search engine optimization (SEO), specifically long-tail keyword search, has become a powerful tool in online marketing. When your organization is easier to find on Google, you’ll generate more visibility around your work. Your nonprofit will experience the perks that come with bringing more people to your website—from increased membership to PR attention and beyond.

When it comes to success with SEO, long-tail keyword search is one of the most important concepts. What is long-tail? It’s targeting phrases or expressions that you’re using to target your audience, such as the questions you would enter into Google search. For example, take a look at the following examples of long-tail keywords:

  • “keyword research tips for nonprofits”
  • “improve distribution to your blog posts”
  • “tips for increasing membership rates for nonprofits”

Unlike keyword expressions like “marketing tips” or “nonprofit marketing tips,” long-tail keywords are a very specific search. To help you come up with your long-tail keywords, try:

  1. Brainstorming a Topic List
  2. Organizing Your Brainstorm
  3. Researching
  4. Mixing Long-Tail and General Search Terms
  5. To See Where Competitors Fall
  6. Editing Your List

Now what to do with those long-tail keywords. Write blogs of course. If you plan your content carefully and integrate the selected long-tail search terms, your blog posts can go viral and dominate the top search engine results.

Check out Hubspot’s blog, for more information on tips to come up with your own long-tail keywords.

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