Hot Style Trends in Web Design for 2018

More Natural Stock Photography In Web Design

People are tired of looking at the boring, run of the mill stock photography and want more natural looking photos to connect with on an emotional level. New photo providers such as UnsplashStocksyDeath to the Stock Photo and Offset are providing this need.

Fewer Photos, More Illustrations In Web Design

Like we just said, people want to connect to imagery on a more personal level. One way to do this is through illustration. The days where most websites feature a photo header are coming to an end. People are moving away from polished but unapproachable branding toward imagery that engages the user in a more personal, connected way.

“Illustrations allow the viewer to invent their own interpretation of a scene or idea, and connect more readily than picture-perfect model photos.”

Bolder Color and Typography In Web Design

Use of color as a branding device is an important marketing tool, as is the effective use of typography to reinforce values and convey important messages. Choices have often been constrained by what’s technically possible and what’s “safe.” This is expected to change. The past couple of years have seen a transformation in the typography online as web fonts have become accessible to all. Brands are becoming bolder and there is a greater appreciation of good typography. In the past, websites and apps have tended to stick with “web-safe” colors, such as blues, muted colors, red for alerts and notifications. In 2016, it’s predicted that we will see trends towards a lot more variation in brand colors, leaning towards saturated and vibrant colors, even neon or fluorescent.

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