Set a course for an effective nonprofit brand

Branding for nonprofits is more than just your logo or name. Branding is telling your story to your audience and showing why your organization matters. It’s about the experience and perception your audience has of your organization online, in-person, and on paper. This means everything from the delivery of your services, interaction with donors, printed materials, website, and social media. It’s not just what you say you are, but it’s also how people perceive you. Effective branding sets your organization apart from other organizations the public can choose to support. Your branding should convey a clear and cohesive identity and message for everything associated with your organization.

How do you make sure the public sees you the way you want them to? Developing an effective brand and marketing plan for a nonprofit is a process.

Here are a few questions to get you started.

  1. Do you have a clear vision and mission?
  2. Do you have a clearly defined value and objective?
  3. How would you describe your organization’s personality?
  4. Have you done an audience profile to define a clear picture of all the personas you are targeting? Nonprofits have the challenge of multiple audiences, including donors, reaching the right people for their programs, establishing leadership, and advocating around their core issues.
  5. Does everyone in your organization understand how to use your brand effectively and consistently?

Branding is usually overlooked in nonprofits but great brands know that the more consistently they reinforce their reputation, the more likely supporters will remain loyal. Are you strategically leveraging your brand to advance your mission and make an impact?

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