Monitor Your Social Media Accounts in 10 Min a Day

Monitoring your social media accounts is incredibly important. You need to respond to people talking about your cause and understand how people view your organization. The goal of a nonprofit is to educate and raise awareness of certain issues and using sites such as Facebook helps raise this awareness. The use of Twitter and Instagram is a great way to push your message and keep it fresh and current. You want to make sure your organization is utilizing and monitoring your social media accounts in a smart and sensible way. It’s just like cleaning your house. If you pick up the clutter a little bit everyday, things are better organized and it never feels overwhelming.

Below is a simple strategy to help monitor your social media presence in as little as 10 minutes a day (of course it’s ok to spend more time):

4 minutes

Check for Twitter chatter about your organization or any chatter about your nonprofit’s issues. This could be news, policy changes, personal stories, etc. You can use Tweetdeck or saved streams on Twitter to easily do this.

2 minutes

Log into Facebook and scan for comments or private messages. Keep your organization’s Facebook page bookmarked and stay logged in to help save time.

2 minutes

Read the Linkedin group digest and scan your organization’s LinkedIn page for new comments.

2 minutes

Check your email for Google alerts of organization or issue mentions via Google+, blogs, or other sources and publications.

Now that you’ve successfully scanned your social media platforms, what’s next? If you have 5 minutes more, you can react. Take notice of the hot topics circulating that day in news articles or blogs. Maybe a user posted a valuable question or information to one of your nonprofit’s social media pages. Choose to share or write a blog about this news or information.

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