Publication Design Tips And How To Work With Your Designer

Publication Design Tips And Working With Your Designer

Are you Interested in writing a publication or a series of publications for your organization? You want to start your publication design, but not sure where to begin? Below are some thoughts on how to effectively communicate with your designer on the goals of your project and move towards a successful publication design.

Before starting a publication project with any designer, you should have a clear understanding of the following:
  1. What will the book be about? Simple but necessary for the design of your publication. Based on the subject matter, will it have a traditional tone, be contemporary or forward thinking. This is important for the cover design and how you see the inside pages looking.
  2. Who is the audience? Are you designing a publication for the general public, policy makers, members of Congress, etc?
  3. In what format will the publication be delivered? Print, pdf, online.
  4. How will the publication be promoted? Mail, email, social media, website.
  5. What is the longevity of the publication? How long will it remain relevant? Is it bi-monthly, yearly? Will it be part of a series or will there be more iterations?

Now that you have successfully conveyed the above thoughts, your designer can begin to create options for your cover design and the inside template of your publication. For more in-depth information, download our free guide on how to create the perfect nonprofit report.

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